Laughing Butterflies Daily Schedule

7:30-8:00- Arrival time (Free play with manipulatives, puzzles, blocks, etc..)

8:00-9:00-Breakfast Time

9:00-9:15-Potty time

9:15-9:30-Circle time (Discuss the weather, letter, shape, color, number and rhyme words of the day & read the book of the week)

9:30-11:00-Preschool curriculum: Arts & Crafts, Music time , Sensory/Science , Fine motor, Writing Center, Reading Center, Block Area & Dramatic Play area 

11:00-12:00-Active play- outdoor play (as the weather permits) or indoor games, yoga and obstacle courses

12:00-12:30—Lunch Time

12:30-1:00- Story time, potty time, diaper changes, clean up

01:00-3:30--Rest time

3:30-4:00--Children's yoga and stretches, potty time, diaper changes

4:00-4:30--PM snack

4:30-5:00--More preschool activities or outdoor play

5:00-5:30—Departure time, free play


Parents please note that some of our classroom activities will be alternating on certain days because of our schedule conflict with extra curriculum activities such as Spanish lessons, Music class, Gymnastics, Art Lessons and Library & Computer session. For more detailed schedule please always refer to the website calendar.

Thank you!